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Ep. 30 - BONUS: "Doctor-King" (Elton Frank)

Ep. 30 - BONUS: "Doctor-King" (Elton Frank)

Spoken word written and performed by Elton Orlando Frank II

MLK Day weekend 2024


Spoken word honoring the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Elton Orlando Frank II

In my eyes, Dr. King was both a doctor
and a king: He led the prognosis for America’s
discrimination disease and decreed
a civil rights edict for negroes
Maybe that’s why he had Lincoln for company and
Washington for a march: he surrounded himself with
Like a black Moses, Martin was accompanied by
Joshua; the Rabbi Heschel was wit-us
as they trekked from Selma to Montgomery and
bridged the Edmund Pettus
He was present for Ghana’s Independence, and in
India, Gandhi’s inspiring non-violence
showed that no physical force is not the same as
Doc stated: “There isn’t anyone in this country
more likely to understand our struggle than Jews
See, justice ain't colorblind, it’s got
colorful hues
He wanted to lift Arab Palestinians to economic
security too
The problem ain’t just racism so much as it is
RAISE-ism, hatred was taught to sons and when
they grew up it raised wit-em
That’s why the Reverend fought with love: wise as serpents,
harmless doves
The Good Book says we don’t wrestle against
blood and skin we ought to love one another,
read about the Good Samaritan
King promised, “we as a people will get to
the promised land we’re inheritin
Though he’s ascended to throne, the King did so
much justice he was also a Dark Knight
and with a Queen like Coretta, he didn’t
need a castle to checkmate Black Plight
(And remember, the color of peace is both black and white)
King, I pray that it’s in peace you rest
And may the memory of your loyal subjects
be blessed

Elton Orlando Frank II was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to parents of Caribbean and African-American ancestry. Though raised in the Baptist Church, he now is a Messianic Believer who enjoys studying, teaching, and preaching. He is a musician (vocals, trumpet) who doubles as a “word-smithing” poet. Elton also enjoys working-out at the gym, shooting hoops, playing soccer, swimming, and bouldering. He currently resides in Virginia. Elton doesn’t have an online presence at this time but can be reached at

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