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You hit the nail on the head with every bit of this! Perfectly articulated, thank you!

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Good piece. It’s always hard for me to listen to any state of the Union speech because it’s a circus and so much rhetoric so I appreciate your analysis.

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Of course, you realize that when disparate sides of White power find common ground, it’s usually in order to subjugate the Black and the Brown.

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Biden's SOTU speech evoked similar Republican response as any of Trump's pronouncements, or even off-the-cuff tweets. And the GOP Speaker of the House did not demonstratively rip up the text of the speech as Pelosi did: As brazen a sign of utter contempt as possible to imagine. So the Dems continue to divide us, which appears stupid since they are even eroding the built-in majority of voters. They are counting on one thing, and one thing only: They managed, with the active involvement of the major "influencers," --- from Hollywood to EdBiz, from Big Tech to Big Labor, from their allies in Paris to those in Beijing --- to besmirch not just Trump's persona (easy enough) but anyone who is not a never-Trumper which includes many Republicans and even independents who are able to evaluate the Trump years soberly and dispassionately.

Is this a "winning strategy" for 2024? God save us if it is.

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How much should we "care about/depend on" the government? We could have created a K-12 reading list for children decades ago but which "leaders" ever suggested such a thing? So here we are wondering if white men's power games are going to start their long suffering WWIII.

I did not listen to either speech. Never do. Don't want to waste the CPU cycles analyzing the drivel.

I should update this a little but no need for basic changes. Economists still can't do algebra.


Economic Wargames Opinion: https://john-holton.livejournal.com/187356.html


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