Long story short: In 1969 when I was with Upward Bound at Claremont Colleges, we encountered this same nonsense. Rather than learn good study habits to help minorities succeed in college, the Victimolgists insisted that Blacks should not do homework but instead should have dances every night as their African heritage and do peyote. The White and Black Victimologists enlisted the help of several Black juveniles from the Probation Camp as their intimidators and enforcers. They had a plan to take over the program and institute some program more to their liking.

We called Probation and had all the probationees returned to camp and then fired the Victimologists and called the police in case they preferred to have their rooms searched rather than leave. They left. Our program was judged the most academic West of the Mississippi.

Sometimes, it is easier than one thinks to stand up to the bullies. Whether it is easy or hard, it has to be done.

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And what is a glaring concurrence between reconstruction racism and progressive racism? The Democratic Party. It is quite a tragedy that many black people are loyal to the party that fought a war to keep our ancestors enslaved — largely based on false promises of wealth redistribution from innocent people, patronage, gaslighting, and scapegoating. The Democratic Party has never ceased to exploit black people; it has just altered its methods. The vast majority of black people have been exploited on behalf of the heirs of the Party. The black political faction that promotes racial tribalism has greedily joined the party that fought a war to keep our ancestors enslaved for scraps of power and money. The Democratic Party certainly cares nothing about “objectivity” — that can be clearly seen by how it presents its own history.

I published a substack blurb on attacks on “objectivity” by progressive racists 2 years ago.


It’s unfortunate that it seems to me that in many places, such as California, this shit is just getting worse.

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I have downloaded this essay and listened to it 3 times via text to speech software and it has pushed a number of buttons. I won a National Merit Scholarship and went to college for Electrical Engineering but I don't know whether I have a valid opinion on "Black Excellence" or not, and don't care all that much.

I am kind of old and assume that "Woke" is just another bullshit pseudo-intellectual fad. I remember when Black Americans were arguing about Black versus Negro. Negro is nothing but Latin for black. Like arguing over which honky language to use was intelligent. But how much of "education" is really just the psychological conditioning of children?

My mother sent me to a Catholic grammar school though she taught me to read when I was 3. I recall straining to keep from crying getting ready for school in 3rd grade wondering how I would get through another day of abyssmal boredom. Getting through grade school was like putting up with Archie Bunker. I had to learn to "stifle myself".

Fortunately I stumbled across science fiction in 4th grade. The nitwit nuns never taught science. My sister told me that a nun said that "science and religion don't mix". Maybe intellectually challenged White people and science don't mix.

But now we have what I call The Twin Towers Affair.

The Laws of Physics do not care about White people.

The Laws of Physics do not care about Black people.

The 100 tallest buildings in the world are all more than 333 meters tall. The Twin Towers were 414 meters. But doesn't gravity work the same way all over the planet?

The essay mentions:

“objective, rational linear thinking,” and “a quantitative emphasis” (that is, math)

Math is not physics but it is pretty difficult to figure out the physics without doing the math, but even more difficult to do the math without the data. Think about the shape of the Eiffel Tower. How is the 10,000 tons of wrought iron in the ET distributed? Where is the data on how the 100,000 tons of steel in the North Tower was distributed? It is not in the 13,000 page NCSTAR1 report by the NIST. I downloaded it and searched it in 2007. They don't even specify the total amount of concrete in the towers.

Is "Black Excellence" nothing but getting good grades in courses specified by White people? MLK got a PhD in Theology. What did he ever say about the Ethiopian Bible? What has Neil de Grasse Tyson ever said about the physics of the Twin Towers collapses? HE WAS THERE! He sent out a public letter on 9/12/2001. What does he know about physics?


Water towers need more metal bands toward the bottom because gravity produces more water pressure with greater depth. I am not aware of Tyson applying that same logic to skyscrapers around NYC, especially the ones that are no longer there.

Do Black people need "Intellectual Segregation" from European Culture to have "Black Excellence"?

I got straight D's in religion my freshman year in high school alongside my straight A's in mathematics. A curious thing about European Culture is that double entry accounting is 700 years old and invented in Italy. Therefore it is older than Shakespeare's plays, and older than Beethoven's symphonies but when do you hear educators suggesting that it be mandatory in high schools as part of European culture? Even for White kids.

Most of the White people are supposed to be losers in the Economic Power Games too. So when are Lowry and Mcwhorter and Tyson going to logically conclude that excellence means Black people thinking for themselves? I will probably always wonder if MLK ever heard of the Ethiopian Bible. Education is what palefaces decide that it is.

When Africa Awakes by Hubert Henry Harrison

Black Man's Burden & Border, Breed nor Birth

by Mack Reynolds

All three in Project Gutenberg

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Great post.

This - "While it is important to remember and honor the trauma that black people have endured, it is even more important to celebrate our achievements."

I actually think, after 30 years of reading about slavery, and slaveries, it would be better to not over-remember it or overdo the emphasis on trauma. We've been teaching about the Atl Slave Trade for 40 years in the US, regardless of baseless claims its skipped over. It should of course be taught, but put in context of other histories, and of the time under discussion, whether 1619 or 1819- given the diversity of the US. (If the US was 1950s Alabama, a white supremacist elite racially abusing almost all blacks, this would be different, but thats not the US today)

This would do two things, offer honest, broad, global history to our students, black or otherwise, putting that portion of it in context of other global oppressions and their normativity. Second, it would avoid the creation, I fear we are amid, of a generation of mentally beaten African-American kids. It would show them their story is one they should be proud of, to come from such circumstances, but it would not create a culture of victimhood and hopelessness; it would show them that their fellow students, with families from Guam, Poland, El Salvador, Congo, Ireland, Korea, Afghanistan etc etc, even those from powerful nations, have traumas too, personal, familial, and historical.

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Well done, young man. Well done, indeed.

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I second Jeffrey Peoples' applauding Dmitri Shufutinsky's analysis. Objectivity and subjectivity have their own ground rules and value; there are quirky overlaps -- and we shouldn't confuse how each operates. My own approach framed the perverse approach to objectivity as Orwellian. It also looks closely at the California case:  Racial Newspeak Comes to the Classroom - Minding The Campus


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Learning how much progressive education policies consistently fail--and how blatantly their advocates ignore the data on the results--has been a brutal awakening and source of despair these past few years. It is the same in Britain. Thank you for writing about it!

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I'm a volunteer advocate for Lives In the Balance. I read a fair amount of research about the behavior of teachers and students in classrooms. One recent study found that teachers observing the same behavior in a white child and a black child punished the black child more severely. I think these “liberal voices” that you mention are a big part of the problem. We need to have high expectations for all students! Interestingly, the other group punished more severely is disabled children - who are also grossly underestimated in our schools. If schools were actually designed for the benefit of children’s learning (instead of adult desire for control and compliance), every child would have a much healthier school experience. Thank you for sharing what you see in our society. Those of us who see these things will be the catalysts for change.

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So what is "Black Excellence" and to what extent is it in conflict with "White Supremacy"?

My primary emphasis is economics and how technology affects that.

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Good Article

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Thank you. This was a very interesting piece.

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There are always hustlers and fools in the world of education policy. However, as someone who regularly works with academically ambitious African-American teenagers in the middle of a Middle America, I see no effect, zilch, of these crazy policies in the real world. Work yourself into a tizzy if you wish. Scream and pull your hair out if that makes you feel better. Just don’t think that that you are actually advancing anything but your own emotional needs.

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This is excellent, thank you!

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There is no police brutality problem. There is a resisting arrest problem. There is no mass incarceration problem. There is a black crime problem. Tell the truth.

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There is no "ongoing epidemic of police brutality." As for "mass incarceration," when we live in a country in which many people commit many crimes, we should expect and want such people to be incarcerated.

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