Netanyahu vows to turn Gaza into a “deserted island." Herzog asserts: “It’s an entire nation that is responsible. It’s not true, this rhetoric about civilians not aware, not involved.”

How do we as aware, sound Christian persons, accountable to Christ, allow this?

Championing Israel and millennia of Jewish people and history, of necessity means calling them out when they are wrong and urging them to be true to their sacred obligation as bearers of God's grace.

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Hi Connie. I'm a fan of your show. Very well done! Your convictions echo mine: first and foremost, I detest the word "race" because it was coined by bigots. I won't speak of "racism," only bigotry and discrimination. I've held this conviction for close to ten years, ever since my exposure to an exhibit at Philadelphia's Franklin institute made this crystal-clear. Such hard, factual science and history is now forbidden. It's also been clear to me for all my adult life that there is no such thing as a monolithic community within any ethnicity or culture. Last, I am a stickler for being precise with my words. All words have meanings, and my communication depends on me being precise. It's a shame more people don't feel the same.

I don't understand the thrust of Dumisani's reasoning. It is in incontestable that the Palestinians in Gaza are living under a reign of terror. Likewise, it is well known that Palestinians are treated poorly by other Arabs. This does not in any way induce feelings of sympathy for Israelis. This makes me greatly empathetic toward Palestinians as a whole. So when I urge and long for the recognition of a Palestinian state and acceptance of Palestinians, I mean this with the aim of separating the Palestinian citizen from Hamas or any other terroristic, evil, human being who gets his perverted sense of purpose from justifying a hatred toward another group of human beings. When I speak of Palestinians, I speak of those living within the nation's political borders. I speak of those living under the terrorist rule of Hamas.

I also take issue with the assertion that Palestinian history, replete with claims to their land, is fiction. I have known Palestinian families. Their sense of injustice as to their families' lands and birthrights being stolen is real. Archbishop Elias Chacour has made it clear that this shared history is real, as well. A man as intellectually incisive and searching as Dumisani certainly knows who Chacour is.

Absolutely I stand with Israel! I also stand with Palestine! What Hamas and Iran did was heinous, odious, repugnant. Words do not exist to accurately condemn this crime. Likewise, the murder of Palestinians by Israel in retaliation. Israel tells Palestinians to flee before they invade. Flee? Flee to where? The families I've known who have relocated to the United States only succeeded after tremendous hardship. Those who wish to renounce Hamas and flee elsewhere are met with resounding skepticism by Israel and Egypt and are routinely denied passage past the borders. So, danged right Palestinians are terrified of their ruling junta. Nobody - and I mean nobody - has their backs.

When I say I respect and love the Chinese people, I do so while retaining contempt for their government. When I say I respect and love the Russian people, I do so while retaining contempt for their government. When I say I respect and love the Palestinian people, I do so while retaining contempt for their government. And when I say I respect and love the Israeli people, I do so while retaining contempt for any government policy that reduces Palestinians to chattle, just another instance of bigots using the unscientific concept of "race" to justify their hatred. The Israelis who truly belief this of their neighbors, those who have not simply been brainwashed by their handlers, need to just join Hamas and be done with it.

Thanks for providing this forum. Thanks for your time.

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Dumisani needs to take one more step on saying that the funding comes from Iran. The ultimate funders of Hamas (and Hizballah), in fact, are the American taxpayer -- courtesy successive Democratic (not just Democratic Socialist -- plain Democratic) administrations, with Obama sending $1.7B to Iran in suitcases, to Biden sending $6B to Iran in bank assets right now, to $50B-$80B funneled to Iran by Democratic operative -- and Obama's Iran "point man" -- Rob Malley. The anti-Israel animus of the Democratic Party (again, not just DSA -- plain Democratic) is easy to understand. The Democratic Party believes that America is an apartheid state founded by settler imperialism. Which is exactly what enemies of Israel say about Israel. A shared ideology, a shared narrative, hence, a shared enemy, whatever gestures Democrat perform for election purposes. Pay no attention to what they say. Pay attention to what they do, and pay attention to what their allies in the press, academia, and entertainment say or refuse to say ("terrorist"). This is the reality that Democrat-voting Americas need to face and confront honestly.

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This podcast changed my life. Thank you.

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