You're a brave man, Clifton. And deeply inspiring. Thank you!

The Right and all of us who are proudly Not Left need to become more involved in the arts. It's an oft-repeated cliché : artists are the first to go in totalitarian regimes. Since in many telling aspects we are headed that way, the Right dismisses creating art at society's peril.

You may not believe in the Divine, Clifton, but the Divine believes in you. And I thank God for you and your intrepid voice.

Peace. Be good to yourself.

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Oct 18, 2023Liked by Free Black Thought

Is it naive of me to resist calling this sort of behavior "Leftism"? As a nobody who's done a little bit of non-violence, and a little bit of pro bono law, and a little bit of volunteer work and etc. that I thought of as leftist in intent, I feel like the the phenomenon that we're talking about is something other than Leftism. There are definitely a bunch of people on "both sides" who insist on calling the new authoritarianism "Leftism", but I reject that label. It's something else, something that's not really supposed to help.

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