Robert Heinlein is portrayed as a kind of icon by Libertarians. I started reading his works in grade school. But when have Libertarians advocated mandatory accounting in the schools? One, so called, Libertarian told me, "Nothing should be mandatory."

A Swedish socialist high school teacher told me that he objected because, "the math would make Capitalism seem logical to the students."

Who owns the land and how did they get it? Ayn Rand came to this country from Russia in the 1920s. Of course by then the Indian Wars were over and she talks this trash about nothing should be taken from anyone.

Nothing should be taken from White people. They can take whatever they want as long as it is done by the government making the laws, therefore it is legal.

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Libertarianism is great for domestic policies. But it falls apart when it comes to foreign threats. Which is why, of course, Democrats exploit and weaponize foreign threats for domestic police statehood. It's a tough one.

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