Great conversation again; just one comment on the heading.

Capitalism is certainly impossible without property rights to protect it.

I can see theoretically primitive forms of property rights possibly existing without capitalism, but in any sufficiently developed society in which capitalism can meaningfully operate, I can't see full property rights not naturally evolving institutions that protect the accumulation of wealth, investment of wealth, and reaping the results of the investment, i.e. capitalism. (This would be an empirical argument, not a logical argument.)

So for all relevant situations, capitalism and property rights coincide in their occurrence, even if they logically refer to different things.

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In view of contemporary events . . . Colonialism.

A brief history of the genocides and Scientific Racism of The Anglosphere.

The present is written in the past.

The Political Economy of Genocide.



Free to subscribe . . .

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Suppose we call it economic/military/political power games to have a more universal description and avoid the semantic problem of having to make the definitions precise?

EMP Games, as old as mankind, just variations in size and technological sophistication.

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Excellent conversation. Thank you FBT for introducing me to her work.

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Nov 18, 2023·edited Dec 24, 2023

What is the capitalist logic of planned obsolescence?


Adam Smith wrote "read, write and account" multiple times in Wealth of Nations and used the word 'education' Eighty Times. So why don't economists advocate mandatory accounting/finance in the schools?

Why not have an upper limit on the quantity of property/land that individuals can own? If the only thing that can be done with it is force other people to pay them to live on it.

It is an Economic Power Game where the Euro-cultural government had the power to steal the land.


By Scott Nearing


This is interesting for being before the Depression.

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