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A truly enjoyable discussion to listen to.

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Great conversation! Thanks!

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Hi! I am not familiar with racelessness. I don't think I've ever truly believed in race. My convictions solidified about 10 years ago when I attended an exhibit at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia. It was there that I realized that the concept of race was created by what would we would call racists. The English word race as used to define ethnicity and culture was first coined by slavers, but other cultures have minted similar odious concepts to justify their bigotry.

Many of the ideas and values that are discussed here and in various areas of, shall we say, free thought, I have upheld for decades. And I must say I often get a good deal of pushback on these values. I have often written of them to various conservative and libertarian talking heads on social media, but for some reason they are uninterested in my thoughts. That's a different topic.

Blackness is not race. It is cultural. Actually, more to the point, it is multicultural. So Wink can be retired from race and yet still focus on Blackness. Aisha, the Black cowgirl, can be free from race and yet still focus on Blackness. My personal philosophy is to be color blinded yet culturally minded.

... And Connie, there are many other musicians other than the estimable Lyle Lovett who also for all extents and purposes do not see race when it comes to creating art. They seek contributions and talent from individuals and cultures, and that's a beautiful thing.

My musical palette is extremely broad . That's not weirdness, that's majesty.

Peace, ya'll. Be good to yourselves.

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Negorplasty. Brrrrrrrr... First I've heard of this. How tragic. And yet Rachel Dolezal is vilified. Go figure.

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