That's what it's all about! Congratulations on the foreword. There is nothing more important than having a meaningful, productive discourse. Rational, civil discource creates the fertile ground neccessary for the seeds of free thought to grow. Today, an email exchange from a small online purchase led to a discussion of failing academics, and me introducing them to the great mind of Thomas Sowell. We need to be willing to have those conversations whenever those opportunities present themselves.

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May 24, 2023Liked by Free Black Thought

Some of it shows up in Google Books.

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Can you read?

Sowell wrote about consumer goods that he called assets wearing out in WWII. That is physics and depreciation.

Then he talked about growth after WWII over 5 years. Time does not stop because he only mentioned 5 years. This economic behavior has since become known as The Great Acceleration.

YOU went off on a tangent about scrap drives calling me historicaly ignorant. I am not responsible for you starting silly debates that you cannot figure out how to win in your own eyes.

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