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Now it reappears? HATE this new tech stuff! :)

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Ah well... Wrote huMONgous reply. No matter.

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TYTY. I only have time for transcripts, for most part. Sorry I missed presentation, tho.

On the plus side of the ledger (having only read this once, btw, and will come back prolly): I just finished M. Smith's book. I dunno he sees these comments or not. So may be no point. I was gonna email, and may still, to say OVER COURSE YOU'RE RIGHT, YOU IDJIT!! WHew! Glad I got that off my chest.

I may hafta come back on subject of reparations, in detail. But You can see where I'm headed when I state that if reparations are to be paid at ALL, they would have to paid to WOMEN firstly. Who have been discriminated for MILLENNIA, who only just recently got the VOTE, and still today, from what I understand, do the majority of the housework while raising kids and working, many full-time. Clearly, right?

But as far as words go? You can see I can be pretty slipshod, when I choose to be. I sometimes use offensive words, because not everybody is READY to "hear" what I say.

Here's where maybe I offend. Apologize in advance.

There is, what I call, the BLM-1619 Project-CRT MACHINE. The CRT MACHINE is decidedly IL-liberal, as has been pointed out. Like was said, a group of Chairman Maos who hold IMMENSE POWER in the world these days. I'll maybe come back and list all the organizations and institutions that have gone woke, but I'll summarize by saying: MOST of 'em.

Some of You may think, but THIS group has good ideas or THAT group has good ideas. Could be. I listen ESPECIALLY to people I don't agree with.

But the ideology that it seems all above abhor, comes from the BLM-1619 Project-CRT MACHINE.

Granted, the worst thing that has happened to opponents of The CRT MACHINE is that the GOP is also opposed to it. Can't be helped. At any rate, that's the verbiage in Mainstream and Social Medias. CRT. I just attached MACHINE to make a marketing point, if You wanna think of it that Way.

All that to say... "A couple things (which sometimes turns out to be more than two ;), and eventually I'll hafta think this over a bit. This is just me thinking off the top of my head. I write, as I've said elsewhere, strictly by instincts/intuitions.

1. What's needed, to me, is only "Justice Warriors" of all kinds. ANY kinds who oppose The CRT MACHINE'S Ideology. Primarily by fighting for free speech. Without that, what?

2. In my experience, the best Way to implement change is incrementally. Achievable steps. By time You complete first one, You may have more information, help, whatEVER to accomplish next step that may have APPEARED to be outta reach.

3. I'm not comfortably familiar with mass incarceration, other that it had a lot to do with war on drugs.

4. Achievable step: Legalize marijuana, and expunge records of incarcerated. My niece is Program Manager for non-profit in California that helps felons do this where law permits in certain states. I thin' that's how it goes. This just from Older-Sister. IOW, IS being done.

5. John McWhorter said legalize all drugs, just for purpose of keeping police away from neighborhoods. Prevent confrontations. Several thoughts on that, WHILE MJ being legalized, right?

6. I don't accept that I can't be a Black person, just because I'm 66, white, male, smoker. On totem pole of life, there is none lower at this time in history. Regardless, I'm EXTREMELY weird, so reflects on my view of colorblindness. Just now thinking need new word. Word I came up with was color-adaptive.

7. My authority for "saying" any-a this? Long story. Too long. This ALREADY too long. Basically, I've more experience in "Know Thyself" than most people. Warts and all, my subconscious lives comfortably in my own skin.

8. Sorry so long. Me? Personally? I think gender fluidity is ridiculous. A person with a PENIS can go into a women's restroom and compete with them in sports? I dunno about that. But color-fluid? I can't see harm in it.

TYTY for Your time, any so lonely they spent the time to read this tripe.


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