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Reduce the DOE to a rump department that only creates tests in order to set a standard. No carrots, no sticks, just a measurement that's useful to employers or higher ed to determine merit.

Leave the rest to states to figure it out.

Otherwise, you get the culture-damaging, brainwashing nightmare we currently endure.

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How much would it cost to create a KURRL of 10,000 books?

K-12 Unschooling Recommend Reading List

I refused to read Catcher in the Rye in high school. I was getting straight A's in math and supposed to read about some white kid getting kicked out of his 4th or 5th boarding school. No way Jose! I read The Scarlet Letter but still don't see the point. Just another waste of time for a grade.

There is so much more interesting stuff but the English Lit people can't find it.

A Fall of Moondust by Arthur C Clarke

The Tyranny of Words by Stuart Chase

Voyage from Yesteryear by James P Hogan

Rite of Passage by Alexi Panshin

The Moon is a Harsh Mistress by Robert Heinlein

Black Man's Burden & Border, Breed nor Birth by Mack Reynolds

Is every form of culture a just a different version of indoctrination? Who decides on the 'right' kind?

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Although I am a fan of Roland Fryer, we have known about powerful, high impact math instruction since the 1960s. Just Google Siegfried Engelmann and Direct Instruction.

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Love this!

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Thank You, M. Morgan. This was another *fantastic* article. I copied it to Word. TYTY.

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Human Capital Management sounds disgusting!

A nice name for slavery?

It is interesting that double entry accounting is 700 years old but neither capitalists nor socialists advocate mandatory accounting in the schools. In the 1960s science fiction made science more interesting than science books. It is like SF was binoculars and science books were like microscopes. Way different perspective!

Now we have had decades of scientists not pointing out planned obsolescence and economists ignoring decades of depreciation. How much have Americans lost on the depreciation of automobiles since Sputnik?

Don't ask economists, they don't know. LOL

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