Did something get deleted? I got an email regarding sexual activity and a Jewish god but the message is not here.

Since I have been an agnostic for over 30 years I don't have a problem with telling the Jewish god to stuff it but I wouldn't expect Him to care anyway. LOL

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What would mandatory accounting/finance do for economic empowerment.


Economic Wargames Opinion: https://john-holton.livejournal.com/187356.html


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I wonder if a PhD in the Ethiopian Bible is possible?

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I resonated with the part about feeling incredibly discouraged about gender ideology in the schools and considering throwing in the towel, but allowing a moral framework to energize us to keep going. It’s so hard, and breaks are necessary, but I believe that without a rootedness in values there is no way to keep going. Thanks for the reminder.

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I appreciate the heterodoxy of the Journal of Free Black Thought and this article on this couple's conservatism, which I am sure many people share. As a married gay woman with two beautiful daughters, ages 3 and 6, it did nevertheless feel like a gut punch to read the following line in the second paragraph: "I've got a biblical worldview, so for me, conservatism is about being pro-family, pro-life. When I say pro-family I mean marriage between a male and a female. [Chuckles]" How does one laugh at taking away the rights of millions of very happy families?

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