No room for my versions of free black thought in the agenda for colonised spirit and mind as the body tithes

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These folks are genuine heroes. To them: THANK YOU for speaking up, for your courage and integrity. The issue has nothing to do with any legitimate criticisms of Israeli policy, it has to do with those who seek to annihilate the one Jewish state in the world and the Jews who live in it, as well as the Jews in the diaspora (most of whom support the existence of the state, if not some particular government or policies). Weird that in the 21st century someone can think that "Jewish" refers only to a religion. Judaism is the religion of the Jewish people. Not all Jewish people observe Judaism (how many non-religious Jews do you know? Probably loads.) Not all who practice Judaism are (originally) ethnically Jewish people. But there is the religion and there are the people. Acknowledge that, then acknowledge the people's right to self-determination in their ancestral homeland, to which the people are collectively indigenous. That leaves loads of room for Palestinians in any number of arrangements, including two states, if the Palestinians should ever choose peace rather than annihilating the Jews and their state.

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This is an article the seems to have forgotten to make a point.

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It's with more than great relief that I read Free Black Thought. It increases my resolve than we can unite on values of the worth of each individual without regard to a person's ascriptive status. People who wish to divide us along race lines do so only for their own power.

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Anti-semitism is not okay...but if you don't hate Israel in its current form, you're not paying attention. This piece is just more nonsense conflating anti-Zionism with anti-semitism.

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In the public discussion about “Israel & the Jews”there is an enormous lack of nuance in general. Nuance of any kind is typically denounced by all the powerful factions as evidence of some form of racial bigotry toward some group of people.

If someone expresses criticism of Israel, there will be many people who will be enthusiastic to slander them as “anti Semitic”. If someone criticizes Palestinian activists, there will be people who slander that person as being racist against Arabs or apologists for racial genocide.

One of the most overlooked and under-appreciated elements of the discussion is that Jews and Muslims are not racial groups. They are religious tribes. People belong to religious tribes voluntarily. There is nothing wrong with criticizing religious tribes. This can be readily observed by the fact that no one cares but Scientologists when people criticize Scientology or Scientologists.

If someone criticizes Israel or Judaism, it doesn’t logically follow that they are racist toward Hebrews or Europeans or any other genetic lineage. If someone criticizes Palestine or Muslims it doesn’t follow that they are racist toward Arabs or any other genetic lineage. A person can be virulently against policies of Israel and not be “anti semitic.” Unless there is substantial evidence that person is actually racist toward people of “semite” racial origin, because the term has the connotation of racism, the term is simply slander. It isn’t sufficient that *other* people who are against Israeli policies or it’s government are in fact racist toward people of Hebrew ancestry. That is a logical fallacy.

Likewise, unless there is substantial evidence that someone is actually racist toward people of Arab ancestry, suggesting a person is “racist toward Muslims” because a person has critical views of the Hamas, is simply slander.

Muslims are not a race. Jews are not a race. Christians are not a race. Scientologists are not a race. And there is no fundamental sin to criticize religions or members of religious tribes. Scientology should be criticized, and Scientologists should be encouraged to abandon their religious tribe. Other religions are not exempt from that possibility. If a person thinks a particular religion is, they need to argue why, not simply rest on the assumption that they can slander people with irrational accusations of racism.

A lot of people need to get the memo.

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