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Thank you for these inspiring stories!

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Merry Christmas, Ms Jewel Kinch-Thomas! This is a beautiful piece and your message is not lost: I, for one, will try to give the gift of transformative grace, and encourage others to do so.

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Best Christmas gift ever. I am widely circulating. Thank you. 🇨🇦👩‍🦼

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Thank you!

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I think we are all indebted to Kyla Spring for setting a fine example. I saw the video and I hope she is properly recognized for her actions by the school, the community, the nation, and ultimately employers. She is the kind of person you want on your team and in your company.

And thank you Jewel Kinch-Thomas.

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Food for thought in our times when it seems like everyone is looking for a reason to be angry or to hate on someone else.

If everyone on our planet could take a moment in a tense situation to simply “give grace”…perhaps there would be more peace in our world. And more love.

Do all human beings have the capacity to “forgive”?

Do all human beings have the capacity to “love”?

Maybe if we all realized that we all belong to one race…the human race…then what a wonderful world it could be!

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What a beautiful piece and message we all need. Thank you for your words ❤️

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